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The Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Laboratory (KDD Lab) is a joint research initiative of ISTI Institute of CNR and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Pisa.

The objective of the research unit is the development of theory, techniques and systems for extracting and delivering useful knowledge out of large masses of data.

Today, knowledge discovery and data mining is both a technology that blends data analysis methods with sophisticated algorithms for processing large data sets, and an active research field that aims at developing new data analysis methods for novel forms of data. On one side, classification, clustering and pattern discovery tools are now part of mature data analysis and Business Intelligence systems and have been successfully applied to problems in various commercial and scientific domains. On the other side, the increasing heterogeneity and complexity of the new forms of data – such as those arriving from medicine, biology, the Web, the Earth observation systems, the mobility data arriving from wireless networks – call for new forms of patterns and models, together with new algorithms to discover such patterns and models efficiently.

In this context, the mission of the KDD laboratory is to pursue fundamental research, strategic applications and higher education.


It was 1999 when we approached data mining research field. Our exploration of the world of Data is still continuing...

Excellent expertise has been gained thanks to the involvement in several EU projects, as GeoPKDD(www.geopkdd.eu) and MODAP (www.modap.eu). A concrete recent achievement is the realization of the system M-ATLAS as an platform to support the mobility knowledge discovery process, from data preprocessing, to data mining to semantic enrichment and patterns interpretation.

The main research track of KDDLab in the field of Complex Networks is Multidimensional Network Analysis. Traditionally, Complex Network Analysis has been monodimensional: researchers focused their attention to network with a single kind of relation represented. KDDLab is pushing the research over multidimensional networks, i.e. network with multiple kind of relations, since they are a better model to represent the complexity in reality (transportation, infrastructure and social networks are often multidimensional).

In the era of Big Data the opportunities of discovering knowledge from social big data increase with the risk of privacy and discrimination violation. However, big data analytics and fairness are not necessarily enemies. Sometimes many practical and impactful services based on big data analytics can be designed in such a way that the quality of results can coexist with discrimination and privacy protection. The solution is the application of the privacy-by-design and discrimination-by-design principles.

One of the most pressing and fascinating challenges scientists face today, is understanding the complexity of our globally interconnected society. The big data arising from the digital breadcrumbs of human activities promise to let us scrutinize the ground truth of individual and collective behaviour at an unprecedented detail and scale. There is an urgent need to harness these opportunities for scientific advancement and for the social good. The main obstacle to this accomplishment, besides the scarcity of data scientists, is the lack of a large-scale open infrastructure, where big data and social mining research can be carried out.

Lipari Summer School on Computational Complex and Social Systems

2016/07/10 09:00 Europe/Rome
2016/07/17 17:00 Europe/Rome
Lipari Island, Italy
Lipari School on Computational Complex and Social Systems
This summer school will provide opportunities to collect experience with modern data analysis, in particular Big Data analytics. This includes subjects such as how to mine data in the Internet and data of Social Media. Our main and special guest lectures will address the scope focusing on algorithms, computational models and practical results on this field.

DyNo: 2nd International Workshop on Dynamics in Networks

2016/08/18 09:00 Europe/Rome
2016/08/21 17:00 Europe/Rome
Davis, CA, USA
DyNo: 2nd International Workshop on Dynamics in Networks
The purpose of this workshop is to encourage principled research that will lead to the advancement of the social science in time-evolving networks. The workshop will seek top- quality submissions addressing important topics such as: dynamic network modeling, time- aware network mining approaches, social influence spreading, diffusion processes in dynamic networks and forecast of network topology perturbation.

1st International SoBigData Workshop

2016/09/05 09:00 Europe/Rome
2016/09/05 09:00 Europe/Rome

First International SoBigData Workshop - in conjunction with TPDL 2016

Come i Big Data stanno cambiando il calcio
Sobigdata Show
La Dura Legge dei Dati: capire il calcio attraverso la scienza dei dati - FDR 2015
Big data and social minig

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Gigabytes of data produced by a single person each year
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