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Privacy Preserving Pattern Discovery

A "Curiosity Driven and Independent Research" ISTI Internal Project


P3D is a project developed by the Knowledge Discovery and Delivery Laboratory (KDD) together with the High Performance Computing Laboratory (HPC).The aim of this project is to design a frequent pattern query engine within a privacy preserving environment.


  1. PATTERNIST: devising knowledge discovery support environment focused on frequent pattern discovery which offers the repertoire of algorithms studied and implemented by the researchers participating to the proposal in the last few years;

  2. PDQL: devising a highly expressive query language for frequent pattern discovery which allows the analyst to express the characteristics of the data set and automatically select the appropriate algorithm;

  3. PPDM: devising privacy-preserving methods for frequent pattern discovery from sources that typically contain personal sensitive data;

  4. APPLICATIONS: devising some benchmarking test bed in the domain of biological data developed within the above environment;

  5. OTHER KINDS OF PATTERN: closed-frequent itemsets, sequential patterns, graph-based frequent patterns ...


Project duration is 18 months, from starting-date. There are three project phases corresponding to the three semesters of the project:

  • Phase1: first 6 months (starting from Dec. 1st 2003)

  • Phase2: second 6 months

  • Phase3: last 6 months (ending May 31st 2005)
    The end of each phase coincides with project cut off dates aimed at assessing project advancements. A report of the activities must be produced and it will be evaluated by the Consiglio Scientifico of ISTI.

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